May 192015
Bravo Genius

Bravo Genius

is one of the best entertaining and educational games for all ages. The basics of the game consist of finding the matching pairs of some pictures. They are usually grouped into two areas with 30 pictures. There are more than 1000 original pictures in this game. Those pictures will make every level more entertaining and harder for you because they are randomly combined.
Bravo Genius is divided into different thematic contents: who uses what, contradictions, differences, similarities… Through many different games you’ll come across various concepts and objects that need to be linked.

Bravo game has 8 basic games which have a few modes…

Help mode!
A short demo movie is made for every game to show you the task of each game.

Single player – mode for one player!
This mode is used for education and entertainment. It has an easier and a harder level and there is also time for finding all of the pairs. When you finish the easier level, you get five help points which you can use in the harder level. You can get more points in the harder level. The points are displayed in the table of records (for every game). By finishing any level, a mode for playing against our main character Skippy is unlocked.

Fast fingers!
This mode is also made for one player, with two additional modes which differ in time given to solve each pair.

Multiplayer – a mode for two players!
In this mode you can compete with your friends by playing alternately. The winner is the one who knows more and who has more luck. The main goal here is to get more points. There are also special features hidden under the pictures which make the game more interesting. They are represented by icons and can be good or bad for you. The good ones are: increase in points, help for solving, extension of time… And the bad ones are: blackening of images, move miss, reduction of points… There is a total of 16 special features, which are always placed randomly, and that way you will need a lot of luck!

Game against Skippy – play against our main character called Skippy!
We came to the most interesting part of the game! Skippy is an animated character, who occurs in all areas of the game since the very start of the game “Bravo”. He will give you hours and hours of interesting animations which are synchronized vocally and with appropriate movements. There are over 300 synchronized and animated sentences, which Skippy says in appropriate situations. He can be happy, sad or angry.
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