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Bravo Genius 512x512

Bravo Genius 512×512

Bravo Genius by vs games


Bravo Genius is one of the best entertaining and educational games for all ages. The basics of the game consist of finding the matching pairs of some pictures, which are usually grouped into two areas with 30 pictures.
Bravo Genius is divided into different thematic contents: who uses what, contradictions, differences, similarities…

The most interesting part of the game is Skippy – an animated character. Skippy occurs in all areas of the game since the very start of the game Bravo Genius. There are over 300 synchronized and animated sentences, which Skippy says in appropriate situations. He can be happy, sad or angry. He has artificial intelligence built-in when he plays against you. The main goal is to beat Skippy after which you will be awarded with a witty animation and you will definitely like it!

In the group of games this type, Bravo is by far the best, most interesting, the wittiest and the most comprehensive game which deserves to be on your computer by its genius idea, artificial intelligence, brilliant music and terrific graphics!

Lucky Football

Lucky Football

Lucky Football by vs games


Lucky Football is a popular social board game. It’s very similar to Sorry! The main goal is to score more goals than your opponent and win.

How to play:
It’s really easy! You can make the pass with only one touch. Press the ball on the center of the football field and see how lucky you are. A random number will appear. The player with that particular jersey number will get the ball. The higher the number (1-6), the higher your chances are. It is also possible to change the position of your goalie, but only before the selection of the number.

Create your own formation and modify the game using your own properties:
1. Avatar – Choose one of our six shiny characters to represent you.
2. Jersey – Football shirts & Create rivals.

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Astro Tarot Fortune Teller

Astro Tarot Fortune Teller

 Astro Tarot Fortune Teller by Orion 2001


ASTRO TAROT FORTUNE TELLER is a free, easy to use app like horoscope. It will give you reading for a day, week or a period of your life. It all depends on several things like the date of your birth and the moment when you asked the cards for your readings.

You can ask the cards for your readings every day three times max, because the fortune has the big role!

Astro Tarot Cards mixes astrology and tarot in 72 illustrations of zodiac signs. All associated with planets and other astrological phenomena.

The deck has 36 square cards, divided into four triangular sections. Each illustrations has four possible representations depending on how the cards are combined.

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TA Little Red Riding Hood Free

TA Little Red Riding Hood Free

 TA Little Red Riding Hood Free by Panda Zone


TA Little Red Riding Hood is a Totally Amazing Twisted Adventure, by Panda Zone Games.

 Hop from one dangerous island to the next by jumping at just the right moment.

The ambiance, design, physics and environment is an excellent. Movement is pleasant and easy to understand.

The rich graphics, amazing game play, cool audio and visual effects are for high five!

I enjoyed in this very interesting game!

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AirCover Security

AirCover Security

 AirCover Security by BlueSpring, Inc.

Award Winning Security Protection APP for Antitheft, Antivirus and Clean!

AirCover Security protects your Android devices from viruses, malware and other threats, with antivirus, calls and text blocker, anti-surveillance, and other security features!

Recommended by top Android authorities:
★ TechCrunch – “AirCover is a security service for Android that basically aims to replace another eight apps on your phone.”
★ Softpedia – “Keep your Android device protected and running at top speed.”

More than 100,000 installs and average rating of 4.2 from more than 2.000 votes.

Free on Google store…

AMC Security - Clean & Booster

AMC Security – Clean & Booster

 AMC Security – Clean & Booster by IObit Mobile Security

AMC Security is a top-rated all-in-one security protector, cleaner and booster app which is developed by IObit.

It helped 10 millions+ users boost up their lagging and old devices. Reclaim memory when storage space run low, protect against mobile threats when browse unfamiliar websites.

Anti-Phishing: real-time protection from malware, malicious URL & Phishing sites. Detects malicious sites designed to steal your personal information.

Free! Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster!

Free! Antivirus & Wi-Fi Security!

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