Jun 152017
Yamb Standard by VojaMaher and MaherGames

Yamb Standard is one of the best strategy game with five dice which contains a lot of elements of luck, strategy, planning, intuition, experience… The main objective is to score as many points you can. Better player in the game Yamb Standard is the player with the highest total. You can to score points by […]

Jan 282017
Real Guitar for Android by VojaMaher

Real guitar is a free app for professional musicians, composers, guitarist and all music beginners. You can use this app as real solo – lead guitar or real rhythm guitar. You can select 3 guitars: 1. Lead guitar for one hand. It’s a classic solo guitar with fretboard – frets. 2. Lead guitar for two […]

Sep 082016
Xylophone Double by VojaMaher - the best for android

Xylophone Double is the best xylophone virtual keyboard app for your android device. It is the unique app with two keyboards. Options: two keyboards 2 x 109 keys (full 9 octaves) scrollable keyboards separate keyboard zoom multi touch (10 fingers) visual effects changeable keys color music notes convention music notes notation sharp and flat mode repeat […]

Jun 272016
Piano Studio By VojaMaher

Piano Studio is one of the best music programs for improving your music knowledge in general. You can play piano, record song with keyboard, edit your work and enjoy in audio reproduction. When you finish your song, you can print musicnotes sheet or share screenshot with friends. Musicnotes sheet player included, so you can enter […]

Nov 282015
Virtual Piano by VojaMaher - MaherGames

Virtual Piano is one of the best android piano keyboards. You can play piano with multitouch keyboard. Try how touch your android device support. New version supports to play live piano with rhythms by chords. You can change rhythms by chords and play at the same time. Features: – multi touch keyboard. – max 5 […]

Nov 052015
Battle Ships Duel by MaherGames

Battle Ships Duel is the most popular paper multiplayer game. Your main goal is to destroy all enemies ships. Your happiness isn’t enough to win, you have to use your intuition, imagination and strategy so. Play online live duel with other people… Rules: – Area is on the sea and it is 10 x 10 fields. – You […]

May 192015
Bravo Genius by Bravo Games

Bravo Genius is one of the best entertaining and educational games for all ages. The basics of the game consist of finding the matching pairs of some pictures. They are usually grouped into two areas with 30 pictures. There are more than 1000 original pictures in this game. Those pictures will make every level more […]

Feb 112015
The most important secondary thing

The most important secondary thing in the world – Video Games! On the website Maher Games you can play free online single and multiplayers games! Play online for free or get free apps for ANDROID like yahtzee, tablic, kontra tablic, bravo, drums, piano, car racing, gomoku…   The most popular video games… Multrix Arena is […]

Jan 282015
Multrix Arena by MaherGames

Multrix Arena – free online multiplayer games! Multrix Arena is the game with all possible elements with one, two, three or four squares. Beat opponents online in the most popular arena ever! Multiplayer live match! All players can select their own flag. Multrix row will be composed by the elements look like your flag and […]

Jan 012015
Kontra Tablic by MaherGames

Kontra Tablic or Reverse Tablic is a popular cards game. Only basic Math skills and some logic are required for this popular card game. Give it a try, and we assure you – it will become your favourite game of this type. Kontra Tablic is a card game which uses the standard 52-cards deck. This […]