Jun 152017
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Yamb Standard

is one of the best strategy game with five dice which contains a lot of elements of luck, strategy, planning, intuition, experience… The main objective is to score as many points you can. Better player in the game Yamb Standard is the player with the highest total.

You can to score points by rolling five dice to make certain combinations to get appropriate points. All dice can be rolled up to three times in a turn to try to make various scoring combinations. You can hold dice by clicking on them after the first or second roll and you can choose to end your turn after one or two rolls so. After each turn you have to type the result in the table – in one box.

The table has 4 columns that you have to fill by the relevant rules.
1) Down column – it have to be filled in order from 1 to Yamb, and the boxes should not be skipped.
2) Free column – it may be filled by your choice, and there are no rules in order.
3) Up column – have to be filled in order from Yamb to 1, and the boxes should not be skipped.
4) Announcement column – one box in this column have to be selected after the first drop. There are no rules in order but you have to fill selected box at the end of that turn.

Each column contains 12 scoring boxes divided between three sections: the upper section, the middle section and the lower section.
Upper section:
In the upper section there are six boxes. The score in each of these boxes is determined by adding the total number of dice matching that box.
Aces ‘1’ – the sum of dice with the number 1
Twos ‘2’
Threes ‘3’
Fours ‘4’
Fives ‘5’
Sixes ‘6’
At the end of upper section in each column you can see the sum of all 6 their boxes value – Sum1. If that sum scores a total of 60 or more points, a bonus of 30 points is added to that sum.
Sum1 = Aces + Twos + Threes + Fours + Fives + Sixes
Middle section:
In the middle section there are two boxes.
Maximum (Max) – the highest sum of all dice you can drop at the end of turn.
Minimum (Min) – the smallest sum of all dice you can drop at the end of turn.
Your goal is to achieve the greatest possible difference in these boxis.
At the end of middle section in each column you can see the box – Sum2.
Sum2 = (Max – Min) * (Number of Aces from the same column)
If Sum2 < 0 then Sum2 = 0.
Lower section:
The lower section contains a boxes of poker-themed categories.
Straight – Kenta – this box contains five sequential dice.
If you made good combination (1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6) you will get points.
The value that you scores depends on the number of dice rolls.
After the first drop you receive 66 points.
After the second drop you receive 56 points.
After the third drop you receive 46 points.
Full House – Full – three of one number and two of another.
This is a combination of three of a kind and two of the same dice.
It can not be 5 identical dice.
If you made good combination in the box you scores sum of all dice increased by 30.
Poker – Kare – Four of a kind – at least four the same dice.
If you made good combination in the box you scores sum of four the same dice increased by 40.
Yamb – Yahtzee – Jamb – all five the same dice.
If you made good combination in the box you scores sum of all five dice increased by 50.
At the end of lower section in each column you can see the sum of all 4 their boxes value – Sum3.
Sum3 = Straight + Full + Poker + Yamb
The total points you win marked as SumSum.
SumSum = Sum1 + Sum2 + Sum3
It is for all columns and all sections.

Yamb Standard feature:
– Online leaderboard
– Save and continue game
– Back one move
– The best design
– The hardest random numbers

Yamb Standard Pro was made using adobe flash – adobe air software. There are many games like this, but all games have similar rules.
Beat all around the world if you can!

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Get this app for free

Play Yamb Standard online for free…

play yamb for free

play yamb for free

Jan 282017
Guitar Icon

Real guitar is a free app for professional musicians, composers, guitarist and all music beginners. You can use this app as real solo – lead guitar or real rhythm guitar.

You can select 3 guitars:
1. Lead guitar for one hand. It’s a classic solo guitar with fretboard – frets.
2. Lead guitar for two hands. You can select music notes with one hand and play strings with second hand.
3. Rhythm guitar – with chords. You can select music chords with one hand and play separately strings with second hand. It’s 25 active chords for rhythm guitar. You can edit any chord diagram, make your own, and prepare any song by your wish.

– 6 strings
– 23 frets
– 1000+ special chords (C, D#m, A#7b9, E#11+…)
– 100 editable groups with 25 chords (2500 editable chords)
– Edit chords with chord diagram and use tabs
– Popular songs examples
– Realistic sounds
– Attack and release music notes
– Music notes notation for all strings

– Guitar mode
– Scale guitar
– Scroll guitar
– Tune the entire guitar (6 full music octave – 73 music notes)
– Tuning of each string separately
– Attack start and step
– Release step
– Guitar skins, colors…
– Edit chords
– Edit groups
– One hand / two hands mode
Learn to play guitar and impress your loved ones…


Guitar Promo

Guitar Promo


Solo Guitar

Solo Guitar


Rhythm Guitar

Rhythm Guitar


Edit Chords

Edit Chords






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Get this app for free

Sep 082016

Xylophone Double

is the best xylophone virtual keyboard app for your android device. It is the unique app with two keyboards.


  • two keyboards
  • 2 x 109 keys (full 9 octaves)
  • scrollable keyboards
  • separate keyboard zoom
  • multi touch (10 fingers)
  • visual effects
  • changeable keys color
  • music notes convention
  • music notes notation
  • sharp and flat mode
  • repeat sound mode up to 10 times
  • repeat speed

All objects and program have been created with unity3d software by VojaMaher.

Get this app for free and enjoy in clear xylophone sound.








Get this app for free

Get this app for free

Jun 272016
Piano Studio

Piano Studio

is one of the best music programs for improving your music knowledge in general. You can play piano, record song with keyboard, edit your work and enjoy in audio reproduction. When you finish your song, you can print musicnotes sheet or share screenshot with friends.
Musicnotes sheet player included, so you can enter any polyphonic notes and learn it. Flats and sharps for all music notes can help you to improve your playing and singing possibility.
Text description included! Learn music notation in any standard convention.

– options: notation, convention, font size, note attack, note release, tempo, tact, sensibility, sharp, flat, length, position, clefs, time sign, size, zoom, move, windows…
– lessons: theory – music symbols, music chords, lessons for left hand, lessons for right hand, rhythms, popular songs, original songs by VojaMaher
– recordings: live recording by keyboard, choose left or right hand, multitouch supported
– edit recording: change any music note with flat and sharp, position, length, additional recording, select music notes, cut, copy, paste, clear, delete selection, change tempo, tact, sensibility, tact, octave, time sign…
– file: export xml and import xml to other device
– print musicnotes sheet: adjust number of tacts by row, octave, sensibility, space… and print as png file

Any combination with three windows supported:
– musicnotes sheet
– text window
– grand piano keyboard window

– live playback with live piano playing in the same time
– live recording with playback reproduction in current tempo
– add music notes with keyboard or by button to playback position
– edit musicnotes sheet – flat, sharp, tempo, volume, piano note attack and release…
– multitouch up to 10 fingers
– piano keyboard with 108 keys (full 9 music octave)
– 31 main chords by note – major, minor, diminished, augmented, 7, 7/5+, minor 7/9-5, 11+, 13…
– 100+ lessons
– 100+ parameters and options

Piano Studio

Piano Studio

This app is free for your android devices!

Piano Studio 2

Piano Studio 2

Piano studio was built using unity3d software, and it is the first program in the series of musical instruments with editable musicnotes sheet. All lessons and music songs have been created and edited with this program, so your possibilities are amazing…
If you like this app, and you need online version put nice comment, and I will make web version for unity3d player. You will can play piano with your keyboard with multitouch so.
Please vote and share this app, and I will record new songs…

Nov 282015
Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano

is one of the best android piano keyboards. You can play piano with multitouch keyboard. Try how touch your android device support.
New version supports to play live piano with rhythms by chords. You can change rhythms by chords and play at the same time.
– multi touch keyboard.
– max 5 octave (max 61 keys) (min 3 keys).
– configurable number of keys.
– set first note on keyboard.
– note attack.
– note release.
– multi function mode.
– rhythms.
– tempo.
– audio player.
– original songs.
– separate volume controls.
– online library.
– rhythm by chords.
– major and minor chords.
– play live piano and change rhythm by chord.

Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano

Get this app for free

Get this app for free

This app is visible only for android devices. My next similar app will be synthesizer with drums rhythms and guitar so. If you like it send me e-mail with name of your favorite rhythms, and I will add them so.
Best regards from VojaMaher!

Nov 052015
Battle Ships

Battle Ships Duel

is the most popular paper multiplayer game. Your main goal is to destroy all enemies ships. Your happiness isn’t enough to win, you have to use your intuition, imagination and strategy so. Play online live duel with other people…

– Area is on the sea and it is 10 x 10 fields.
– You can set all ships in the sea randomly or it’s appearance and position.
– This match is played alternately like turn based games. You can try to guess where your opponent hide his ships. If you have fired successfully, you will guess again. Otherwise the opponent’s next.
– Who destroy all enemies ships is the winner.

– Single game with smart pirates.
– Multiplayer game with real people.
– Ranking, rating and medals system.
– Flag and avatar system – pirate style.
– Online chat.
– Games statistics.
– Top pirates.
– Easy and hard mode – duel with AI.
– Line and free appearance for ships.
– 2D or 3D animations by your wish.
– Rotate and zoom a camera around the sea.

May 192015
Bravo Genius

Bravo Genius

is one of the best entertaining and educational games for all ages. The basics of the game consist of finding the matching pairs of some pictures. They are usually grouped into two areas with 30 pictures. There are more than 1000 original pictures in this game. Those pictures will make every level more entertaining and harder for you because they are randomly combined.
Bravo Genius is divided into different thematic contents: who uses what, contradictions, differences, similarities… Through many different games you’ll come across various concepts and objects that need to be linked.

Bravo game has 8 basic games which have a few modes…

Help mode!
A short demo movie is made for every game to show you the task of each game.

Single player – mode for one player!
This mode is used for education and entertainment. It has an easier and a harder level and there is also time for finding all of the pairs. When you finish the easier level, you get five help points which you can use in the harder level. You can get more points in the harder level. The points are displayed in the table of records (for every game). By finishing any level, a mode for playing against our main character Skippy is unlocked.

Fast fingers!
This mode is also made for one player, with two additional modes which differ in time given to solve each pair.

Multiplayer – a mode for two players!
In this mode you can compete with your friends by playing alternately. The winner is the one who knows more and who has more luck. The main goal here is to get more points. There are also special features hidden under the pictures which make the game more interesting. They are represented by icons and can be good or bad for you. The good ones are: increase in points, help for solving, extension of time… And the bad ones are: blackening of images, move miss, reduction of points… There is a total of 16 special features, which are always placed randomly, and that way you will need a lot of luck!

Game against Skippy – play against our main character called Skippy!
We came to the most interesting part of the game! Skippy is an animated character, who occurs in all areas of the game since the very start of the game “Bravo”. He will give you hours and hours of interesting animations which are synchronized vocally and with appropriate movements. There are over 300 synchronized and animated sentences, which Skippy says in appropriate situations. He can be happy, sad or angry.
Read more…


Feb 112015
The Most Popular Thing

The most important secondary thing in the world – Video Games!

On the website Maher Games you can play free online single and multiplayers games! Play online for free or get free apps for ANDROID like yahtzee, tablic, kontra tablic, bravo, drums, piano, car racing, gomoku…

The most important secondary thing in the world – Video Games

The most important secondary thing in the world – Video Games


The most popular video games…

Multrix ArenaMultrix Arena is the most popular multiplayers game…
See more…

Kontra TablicKontra Tablic or Reverse Tablic is a popular board game for all…
See more…

TablicTablic or Tablanet is a classic cards game for all…
See more…

Maher Dices YahtzeeMaher Dices Yahtzee is classic Yahtzee or Yamb or Jamb game with 4 or 7 columns and 5 or 6 dices…
See more…

Maher Car RacingMaher Car Racing is an interesting 3D rasing game created by Maher Team…
See more…

Maher Drums StudioMaher Drums Studio is the perfect music softwer. You can create and edit drum rhythms…
See more…

Virtual PianoPlay live Virtual Piano and change rhythm by chord…
See more…

Checkers As ChessCheckers As Chess is an interesting app like checkers…
See more…

GomokuGomoku or Five in a row is a popular board game for all…
See more…

Diamonds PuzzleDiamonds Puzzle or Big Mystery is a popular puzzle game for all…
See more…

Multrix The Most Popular Thing

Multrix The Most Popular Thing In The World- Video Games

Jan 282015
Multrix Arena Icon

Multrix Arena

– free online multiplayer games!
Multrix Arena is the game with all possible elements with one, two, three or four squares.
Beat opponents online in the most popular arena ever! Multiplayer live match!
All players can select their own flag. Multrix row will be composed by the elements look like your flag and that can be irritating for your opponents! So select your flag and enjoy when you fill opponents area with your flags!

It is two main modes in this game:
1) Single mode – game with the aim to achieve the high score, more connected lines and more connected multrix.
2) Multiplayers mode – game with the goal to beat your opponent (opponents). Your goal is to survive longer than other players.
In the multiplayers mode multrix is the live online multiplayer game and can be played with more than two players. You can create your own game room for two, four or eight players. Winner is the one who survive longer. So, you can choose how many coins players need to participate in the game. Winners will get all coins. All coins are free. You can get daily bonus, and new coins when you lost all coins.

– top players for high score.
– top players for more multrix and lines.
– top players with rating.
– fortress – lobby room with chat window.
– game room with chat window.
– avatar system.
– flag system.
– rating system with a lot of medals.
– coins system.
– daily bonus.
– 15 original songs by VojaMaher.
– online commands (Unity3d player required):
– left: “Z” or Left Arrow.
– right: “X” or Right Arrow.
– rotate left: “C”.
– rotate right: “V” or Up Arrow.
– drop: Space or Down Arrow.

Multrix arena look as multiplayer duel with a lot of amazing situation, which will increase your adrenaline! All code in this great game is programmed by VojaMaher for the site mahergames.com and maher.rs
Best regards from VojaMaher!

Multrix Arena

Play the game Multrix Arena

Jan 012015
Kontra Tablic

Kontra Tablic

or Reverse Tablic is a popular cards game. Only basic Math skills and some logic are required for this popular card game. Give it a try, and we assure you – it will become your favourite game of this type.
Kontra Tablic is a card game which uses the standard 52-cards deck. This game is designed for advanced players who are searching for new variations and diverting rules as opposed original game of Tablic. 2 or 4 players can participate in this game. There is also a possibility of playing in doubles.

Judging from the name, Reverse Tablic is the complete opposite of Tablic. Take the least high value cards (10, J, Q, K, A) and score the least points. The person who passes 101 points first is disqualified. If someone takes all the cards from the stud, he gets 10 points. That move is of crucial importance.

When a player throws out a card, he must take everything from the stud which adds up to that number. It is up to him which combination he’ll take, but there mustn’t be any other combination left on the stud.

If a player has two cards of the same value in his hand and the third one is on the stud, he can lay one of them down without taking anything. He is obliged to show the other one to his opponents. This move is usually used with low value cards.

Taking of a card:
You can do that by taking a card from the stud which has the same value as one of yours. You can also take multiple cards which add up to that card number.

Card values:
King (K) – 14
Queen (Q) – 13
Jack (J) – 12
All of the other cards are worth the number which is written on them. But there is one exception. The card which possesses the number 1, can also be worth 11.

– 10s, Js, Qs, Ks and 1s give you 1 point.
– The 2 of Clubs is also worth 1 point.
– The 10 of Diamonds gives you 2 points.
– Other cards DO NOT give you any points.
– The player who takes the most cards, gets 3 extra points.

– Easy, normal and hard mode – choice your opponent intelligence.
– Tournament mode – win our favorite characters if you can.
– Continue last game.
– Settings – difficulty, cards background, cards deck, fast dealing cards…
– Statistics.

Kontra Tablic by MaherGames is programmed by VojaMaher.


Play the game Kontra Tablic on the site www.mahergames.com