Apr 062013
Checkers As Chess

Checkers As Chess

is a logical board game. The aim of this game is to move all the figurines from your base to your opponent’s base which is diagonally opposite yours. This game is designed for 2 or 4 players and each player has a different colored base on the board with 10 figurines. The game is played in turns and the winner is the contestant who captures the opponent’s base first. The movement is allowed in all directions and you can also skip your opponent’s figurines as well as yours.

* There are four variants of the game in which the goal is the same and each is different in the way of solving and coming to victory.
– The first game is called Skipping and a basic version of the game without additional obstacles and rules in its crossing.
– The second game is Blockade Here there are obstacles that prevent and hinder the players go to the opponent`s court.
– The third game is called “Stone”. In this game, every player has 3 figurines with a rock sign which can`t be skipped.
– The fourth game is called “Mix” and it`s a combination of the games “Blockade” and “Stone”.
* Each one of these games has an animation which shows you the special rule of the chosen game.
* Home version mode is designed for playing against a computer.

* How to begin playing the game:
1) To participate in the multiplayer game you must login (register) first.
2) After that, you can select one of the 4 games which are shown with images.
3) Then, select a room in which you want to play. There are 10 rooms for each one of the games.
4) You can create a new room or choose a room from the list of active rooms.
5) Finally, take your place by clicking on a blank spot, wait for the other participants and that’s how the game starts.
While creating a new room, you can choose the number of players who can participate in the game (2 or 4). You can also choose how many credits are required for participation in the game (1, 10 or 100). Everyone in the game gets a rating, and the winner gets all the credits which makes the game more interesting. With the credits you win, you can buy special figurines, icons and also voices for having fun with the other contestants in the game. You will get 10 credits every day you visit our game and you can also win free credits by following the rules or you can buy them.

Have fun!

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Checkers As Chess

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