Jul 192014
Gomoku Game

Gomoku – Five in a row or x & o (tic tac toe x 5)

is a popular board game! However, this game is known in several countries under different names. The winner is the one who brings together their 5 symbols in the same line!
Five in a row is traditionally played with go pieces (black and white) on a go board. We are playing with a classic x and o symbols like the game tic tac toe. The difference with tic tac toe game where you have to connect three symbols in the same line is that you have to connect five symbols in the same line (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). So in the game tic tac toe result is draw if both people are playing well, in the Gomoku – Five in a row – x & o game winner is better player.

Swap the order of play – Who play first…
Change your symbol – X or O…
Change level – Beginner, Medium, Good, The best…
Change tactic – Offensive or Defensive…
* Single mode with AI – Artificial Intelligence with very high IQ.
* Zoom board (5x, 7x, 9x, 11x or zoom off) to help you targeting.
* 4 difficulity levels (beginner, medium, good and the best).
* Beginner difficulty is great to help learn this game even faster.
* Select your symbol (X or O).
* Select AI tactic (offensive or defensive).
* Select who play first.
* Unlimited undo moves.
* Rating system.
* Multiplayer mode over WIFI connection.
* Chat system in lobby in the multiplayer game mode.
Improve your intelligence in this strategy board game. Beat your friends or the AI in a classic game of five in a row, or Gomoku!
Enjoy in one of the best free board games.
Have a fun…
Programmed by VojaMaher!

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Gomoku - Five in a row

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