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Kontra Tablic

Kontra Tablic

or Reverse Tablic is a popular cards game. Only basic Math skills and some logic are required for this popular card game. Give it a try, and we assure you – it will become your favourite game of this type.
Kontra Tablic is a card game which uses the standard 52-cards deck. This game is designed for advanced players who are searching for new variations and diverting rules as opposed original game of Tablic. 2 or 4 players can participate in this game. There is also a possibility of playing in doubles.

Judging from the name, Reverse Tablic is the complete opposite of Tablic. Take the least high value cards (10, J, Q, K, A) and score the least points. The person who passes 101 points first is disqualified. If someone takes all the cards from the stud, he gets 10 points. That move is of crucial importance.

When a player throws out a card, he must take everything from the stud which adds up to that number. It is up to him which combination he’ll take, but there mustn’t be any other combination left on the stud.

If a player has two cards of the same value in his hand and the third one is on the stud, he can lay one of them down without taking anything. He is obliged to show the other one to his opponents. This move is usually used with low value cards.

Taking of a card:
You can do that by taking a card from the stud which has the same value as one of yours. You can also take multiple cards which add up to that card number.

Card values:
King (K) – 14
Queen (Q) – 13
Jack (J) – 12
All of the other cards are worth the number which is written on them. But there is one exception. The card which possesses the number 1, can also be worth 11.

– 10s, Js, Qs, Ks and 1s give you 1 point.
– The 2 of Clubs is also worth 1 point.
– The 10 of Diamonds gives you 2 points.
– Other cards DO NOT give you any points.
– The player who takes the most cards, gets 3 extra points.

– Easy, normal and hard mode – choice your opponent intelligence.
– Tournament mode – win our favorite characters if you can.
– Continue last game.
– Settings – difficulty, cards background, cards deck, fast dealing cards…
– Statistics.

Kontra Tablic by MaherGames is programmed by VojaMaher.

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Kontra Tablic

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