May 022014
Maher Drums Studio

Maher Drums Studio

is the perfect music software with everything you need to create and edit drum rhythms. You can choose your own settings for almost everything you see. Enjoy in this app online or on your android device…
This app is more then live virtual drums machine. This app is combination of the drums studio and rhythm machine with advanced options. Turn on live DJ studio mode and edit live your drum rhythm.
Complete acoustic drum kit… Select the drum kit sample for bass drum, snare drum, floor drum, crash cymbals, hi-hats, ride cymbals, tom-tom drums and open hi-hat.

– Live drums with 12 virtual drums.
– Multitouch support.
– 12 channels rhythm machine.
– Edit mode like DJ studio for all channels in real time.
– Advanced options – copy, cut, paste for parts of rhythm.
– Lock and unlock sections.
– Configurable number of channels in rhythm.
– Configurable number of notes on the screen – zoom horizontal and vertical.
– Tempo – speed of reproductions.
– Master volume and volume for each drum – channel.
– Tact length – size.
– Rhythm length – size – number of notes.
– Repeat button option.
– Save and load in the folder by your wish.
– Download online rhythms and publish your rhythm online.
– 75 perfect drum samples – choice your active drums.
– Move drums by your wish.
– Record mode in live mode.
– Record mode in studio DJ mode.
– Save your settings to shared data local.
– 3D animations for live play for each drum instrument.
– Default drum settings.
– And more then 100 options…

Insert your own rhythm online to rhythms database and see plans:
– Votes…
– Rhythm category – rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop…
– Online search by name, rhythm category and author…

Maher Drums Studio is free music app for your android devices. Rhythm database is on the site and you can share this app from the mahergames site. Record your songs and show them to your friends later. You can record unlimited number of rhythms. Choose rhythm name and publish online.

Have fun…

Enjoy in the app Maher Drums Studio on the site

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Maher Drums Studio