Jan 282015
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Multrix Arena

– free online multiplayer games!
Multrix Arena is the game with all possible elements with one, two, three or four squares.
Beat opponents online in the most popular arena ever! Multiplayer live match!
All players can select their own flag. Multrix row will be composed by the elements look like your flag and that can be irritating for your opponents! So select your flag and enjoy when you fill opponents area with your flags!

It is two main modes in this game:
1) Single mode – game with the aim to achieve the high score, more connected lines and more connected multrix.
2) Multiplayers mode – game with the goal to beat your opponent (opponents). Your goal is to survive longer than other players.
In the multiplayers mode multrix is the live online multiplayer game and can be played with more than two players. You can create your own game room for two, four or eight players. Winner is the one who survive longer. So, you can choose how many coins players need to participate in the game. Winners will get all coins. All coins are free. You can get daily bonus, and new coins when you lost all coins.

– top players for high score.
– top players for more multrix and lines.
– top players with rating.
– fortress – lobby room with chat window.
– game room with chat window.
– avatar system.
– flag system.
– rating system with a lot of medals.
– coins system.
– daily bonus.
– 15 original songs by VojaMaher.
– online commands (Unity3d player required):
– left: “Z” or Left Arrow.
– right: “X” or Right Arrow.
– rotate left: “C”.
– rotate right: “V” or Up Arrow.
– drop: Space or Down Arrow.

Multrix arena look as multiplayer duel with a lot of amazing situation, which will increase your adrenaline! All code in this great game is programmed by VojaMaher for the site mahergames.com and maher.rs
Best regards from VojaMaher!

Play free multiplayer online games – Multrix Arena – on the site www.mahergames.com

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Server works with yahoo games network (yahoo online game developer services) based on PlayerIO services.

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